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Intensive Therapy

What is intensive therapy?
This is the child's opportunity to go beyond the traditional approach of 30 minutes to, at most, a few hours of therapy a week. It is the chance for the child to get the practice and the boost that they need to move ahead. Specifically, intensive therapy is physical therapy, occupational therapy &/or speech therapy on a concentrated basis in order to meet the desired goals of the child and family. Children are treated 3-4 hours per day for a period of one to three weeks. Every child is unique and so treatment is tailored to the particular needs of each child. Parents are given an extensive report and home program instructions so that the work and progress may continue after the intensive program. The family will receive a video or photos during the intensive to ensure the ability to take the information home.
Who will benefit?
Any child to young adult with a neurologically based impairment including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and other developmental diagnoses.
Why PTA? 
Because experience matters! We began in 1983. PTA has offered intensive services for over 20 years. The children have come from within the U.S.A. as well as from several other countries to participate in this program. The therapists at PTA are highly trained and have many years of experience in pediatrics. The average number of years of experience in our PT department is over 20 years with our 3 senior therapists having over 25 years of experience each treating children. All are NDT and Suit Therapy certified. We are also experienced in Cranio-sacral Treatment, Structural Integration Therapy, and Sensory Treatment. Our OT department has an average of over 20 years. The Speech Department has an average of over 15 years. The staff of PTA is dedicated to providing the children with the best possible services for the best possible outcomes. No single approach meets the need of every child. Each child is unique and deserves to be treated as such. That is why we believe in a well-integrated approach that is customized to each child. PTA has been dedicated to providing the most innovative and integrated services for children with impairments for over 30 years and is highly respected in the community and internationally for its provision of high quality care. The directors are internationally recognized instructors in speech/language pathology and pediatric therapy, and are master clinicians and instructors in the Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach and have taught thousands of other therapists.
Will my child benefit from an intensive?
Have you thought that your child has reached a plateau or is not improving at the rate anticipated? Intensives help address this. Intensives are designed for children with neuromotor impairments, sensory impairment, or both. At PTA we direct our intervention to the family's and child's goals and concerns. In the traditional therapy model of 1 to 2 times per week the child may not have enough opportunity to change their motor performance or may not be improving at the desired pace. The intensive exercise model gives the child this opportunity. Think of the child like an athlete! The athlete that wants to perform his or her skill at a higher level puts in hours of work in order to change their performance. The therapist helps the child to strengthen their own bodies, move with greater ease and to discover new ways to move functionally.
How long is a typical intensive?
Our intensives usually run from two to three weeks although we have had children come from one to four weeks. Practice is a crucial part of the program.
How much therapy will my child receive each day?
At PTA we understand that each child has different needs. The daily sessions run from 3 to 6 hours and can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/oral motor therapy, and/or aquatic therapy. Sessions are usually divided into morning and afternoon times so the child has a break in the middle.
What will my child be doing in the intensive?
First an indepth evaluation is done. During this time the therapist will discuss with you and your child their ability to participate in family life, the community, school, church, etc. Based upon your concerns and goals, as well as the therapist's observations, a detailed examination is conducted. An individualized plan of treatment is then developed. Depending on the child, that treatment may include Structural Integration Therapy, Neuro-Developmental Treatment, Sensory Treatment, Cranio-sacral Treatment, Suit Therapy, Cage Therapy and other modalities that are appropriate.
Do parents attend the sessions?
We encourage parents to attend some of the sessions. It is important that parents learn the activities for home. We also acknowledge that occasionally a break is just what you need. Should you miss a session for whatever reason we will always update you and provide you with information about that session and any home activities. We also have rooms with one-way mirrors just in case it works best for the child if they do not see their parent at times.
How will I carry-over the benefits of the intensive at home?
You will be given an in-depth report about the findings with your child, the treatment strategies utilized, and the way that you, your child and your team can incorporate this at home. Videos or photos are also taken to reinforce this.

Download our Intensive Therapy Information Packet here:

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