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About Us

 PTA is dedicated to upholding the following:

  • To provide the highest quality of care in a warm, compassionate, and respectful manner. 

  • To create a comfortable and loving environment in which the child's strengths and abilities are the focus, and to strive to reach each child's maximum functional potential through meaningful and functional goals. 

  • To empower the family and child in the decision-making process by acknowledging their role as experts with regard to the child. 

  • To be a support system for the family and child as they meet their unique challenges, and assist them every step of the way in facilitating the development and acceptance of their child. 

  • To function as an integral part of the healthcare team, including the family, child, physicians, and other related professionals. 

  • To consistently provide updated information to the family regarding their child. 

  • To respect each individual. 

  • To protect each individual's right to privacy. 

  • To maintain a high knowledge base through our commitment to continuing education and research. 

  • To promote education of other therapists and professionals at the local, national and international levels through our teaching and through our internships.

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